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This tool is designed to quickly and easily clean Role Play Logs.
RP Log Cleaner was designed for use on the Second Life sim Toxian city, but is being expanded for use SL-wide. It is constantly being upgraded to work with a wider range of combat systems.

Combat System Used:

RP Text to Clean

Line Break Posts
Filter Combat System spam
Remove OOC posts
Remove Leave/Enter Chat range posts
Remove lines with no timestamp
Remove sim leave/enter messages
Remove Land Stream messages
Remove Online/Offline posts
Remove Second Life posts
Remove Other Objects posts

"my life was a mess before I found the log cleaner, I'd spend hours poring over reams of text and end up crying. With the new log cleaner, I have heaps more time, my hair is better, I look fantastic, and everyone loves me"

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Built by Lyrza (zp.lyric) if you find a bug or have a feature request, please email: or IM in world.